INOV 4.0

O INOV4.0 is an Input/Output Module with Wi-Fi technology, with 8 inputs and 2 outputs.

Functionalities and Characteristics

Real Time Monitoring

Flexibility of integration with Production Systems and Software


Cycle and/or counting

Wi-fi comunication

Status of the Equipment: Automatic, Manual, Emergency

Easy to install with DIN type fixation

External configuration by WEB

Energetic Consumption Monitoring

Configurable for any kind of industrial reality

Case Study

Since 2020 this real time monitoring solution was implemented in one plastic injection company, using our inov4.0 Wi-Fi Module.

At this point is possible to monitoring in real time the total of all machines

The data collected througth the inov4.0 gives access to infomationsuch as machine operating time, injection cycle monitoring, number of parts produced, or energy consumption.

This solution is integrated with the production management software already existing in the company.

Implementation Areas

Manufacturing Industry

Plastic Injection

Metalworking Industry

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